July 31, 2006

The Iraq “No WMD” Lie: Game, Set, Match

Game: The press reported plenty of WMD findings during 2004 and 2005. No one has successfully refuted the content of ALL the sourced stories, which is the standard that has be met for anyone to claim “no WMDs.”

Set: More WMD findings were reported in June. No one has claimed that the 500-plus “sarin- and mustard-filled projectiles” didn’t exist. Some have tried to claim that they were all inert. Common sense and Rick Santorum’s interview with Hugh Hewitt (at RadioBlogger.com) have shredded that argument.

Match: John at Powerline reports the translation of a document showing that Iraq shipped WMDs to Syria shortly before Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced in 2003. More such reports appear to be forthcoming.

The alternative ideas that the entire world intelligence community convinced itself of the existence of WMDs in Iraq despite their absence, or that the sleuths somehow knew that WMDs were absent but were afraid to contradict the Bush “party line,” have always been absurd. Their absurdity was proven late last year to anyone willing to simply read what the press had covered over time. Even ignoring that, it should now be obvious to anyone that the “no WMD” argument was a canard raised by an intellectually dishonest opposition movement desperate to find something, anything, to discredit the logic behind the invasion.

They’re going to have to find something else.


August 2: Conservative Culture Open Trackbacks participant.

August 12: Commenter Free Stinker at NewsBusters.org has a comprehensive list with links to WMD items and statements, and other casus belli support.



  1. They had reports of WMDs before going in and where they were. Why it would surprise anyone that Saddma would move them is beyond me. And that they went to Syria is certainly not a shock.

    Comment by Anna — July 31, 2006 @ 7:48 pm

  2. I think, unfouratently, most people’s minds have been made up on this issue either way by now and no evidence is going to change it.

    Comment by Ben Keeler — August 1, 2006 @ 12:29 am

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