August 10, 2006

Totally Busted: “Green Helmet Guy”

Yes, this IS a business story. It’s about how an entire business sector is allowing its reputation and credibility to suffer severe damage as it gets manipulated by terrorist groups and sympathizers.

It’s conclusive proof that at least some images sent around the world from Qana were based on staging.

Little Green Footballs has posted a less-than-2-minute YouTube video (originally from the German publication Zapp), tracking how the now-infamous “Green Helmet Guy” has manipulated casualty scenes as a “cynical movie director” for 10 years, up to and including Qana, posing as a relief agency worker or some equivalent.

The body of the film short shows a dead child at Qana being moved around solely for the purpose of achieving better quality and more dramatic footage, while “Green Helmet Guy” gives the cameraman and others instructions.

Zapp says, “A dead child is being abused to put on a show for photographers,” which is true enough, but it’s much more than that. World opinion is being abused by an international media machine that at a minimum has allowed itself to be scammed for years, and perhaps in some cases has been a willing scam participant.


UPDATE: As you might expect, blogs are all over this — just a few include Jim Lindgren at Volokh, Flopping Aces, Jawa Report, Riehl World View (with a justified mini-gloat) and A Blog for All.

UPDATE 2: Confederate Yankee posts a letter to one of his readers from Andreas Tampe of the German newsmagazine Stern about Green Helmet Guy’s legitimacy that I’m sure Tampe would like to have back.

UPDATE 3, August 12: The AP spins furiously (HT LGF) on behalf of GHG, whose identity is Salem Daher. Dan Riehl cleans Mr. Daher’s clock for inflating death counts. Ace kicks GHG and AP, and the media in general to the curb for body count inflation, ignoring the Zapp video referred to above, and trusting any casualty figures out of Lebanon before fact checking, respectively. All should be considered in light of LGF’s expose (commented on here by me) on how news from the Mideast is really shaped.

UPDATE 4, August 14: EU Referendum shreds the AP’s Green Helmet Guy report and other aspects of Middle East Fauxtography in what appears will be a post for the ages.


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    Da leggere – e da imparare a memoria – l’analisi di Bryan Preston per Hot Air sulle manipolazioni mediatiche di Hezbollah nel conflitto in Libano. E su Little Green Footballs arriva la soluzione definitiva all’enigma del Green Helmet Guy. Ha ragione …

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