September 1, 2006

ISP Problems

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Access has been spotty since Wednesday, got really bad today, and probably will stay that way until tomorrow, since the problem, after replacing a faulty modem, is “outside flaps,” and not “packet loss.” Pages simply don’t totally load, and I never know when something I do will simply fail to move over “the tubes.”

This explains why I didn’t, as I intended, comment on the employment release early today. (So here’s the comment: It was good, not great, but better than the “slowing economy” meme the press has been beating on would have led you to believe)

The fifth visit by a Time Warner person will take place at the poles while I sleep in the wee hours of the morning, so maybe the all-clear will be in place during the day tomorrow.

I apologize for the slow posting of and response to comments. I’m caught up on comments at the moment, but will probably get behind again over the weekend. Thank goodness WordPress lets you post entries into the future, and that I got most of the weekend work done on Thursday.


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