September 26, 2006

Writes Like She Talks’ Campaign against Ohio Learn & Earn: An Indispensable Reference

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One of the neat things about the blogosphere is knowing that when you don’t have time to cover a topic adequately, SOMEONE out there probably is. The secret is finding them, or, more often than not, stumbling across them.

Such is the case with Ohio Learn & Earn.

It’s pretty safe to say that Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog and Jill Miller Zimon at Writes Like She Talks (WLST; general HT to Lincoln Logs) don’t agree on a lot of things politically (but I think we are both Mac users, which if true transcends mere politics). Despite our considerable differences, we DO agree that Ohio Learn & Earn is a ballot proposal (official ballot language here) that should be rejected, and decisively. I have blogged on OL&E here, but simply don’t have the time to mount a concerted effort against it.

Jill probably really doesn’t have the time either, but she’s actively opposing OL&E with a flourish, and deserves kudos from across the political spectrum for doing so. She’s in the midst of itemizing 57 reasons to vote against OL&E, one for every day from September 12 until the election. For those who want to catch up, you can work backwards from her Reason 44 post yesterday (being a numbers guy, I think Reason 44 is the best of a great bunch so far), where she has links to all previously posted Reasons.

I have unilaterally decided to link to Jill’s OL&E posts every few days until the election so that Ohio BizzyBlog readers get the ammo they need to convince themselves and other Ohioans to defeat this dangerous measure. Maybe, if the well’s running dry, Jill can find one or more of her remaining reasons in the previous BizzyBlog post. And here’s another reason to consider — OSU’s Board of Trustees came out in strong opposition this past Friday.

And despite the fact that she’s wrong on just about everything else (just, kidding!), I’ve blogrolled Writes Like She Talks in “Other Localities.”


UPDATE: Reason 43 (“Because everyone else is voting no”) is up. The initiative is trailing 48-43 in the Columbus Dispatch’s notorious mail-in poll. Given that the mail-in poll got a 16% response, as Steve Kelso at Right Angle noted yesterday, we’re supposed to assume that the 84% of non-responsdents feel the same way. Given the horrible results of the Dispatch poll vs. the actual results of the RON initiatives last year, including a 23- and 28-point misses on Issues 2 and 3, I doubt it. I would guess OL&E is down at least 15. I call that “a start.” A 30-40 point burial is what is called for.


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  1. Dear Tom,

    Given some blog readers’ reactions last winter/spring when the old RAB posted a link to what I wrote about Jim Petro (too painful to re-post, woe is me), I commend you for the courage to post this entry. :)

    However, I agree with pretty much everything you say in it. My number one reason for doing the 57 entries against OLE is what fuels me to do this and I don’t want to say more than that right now. Too many days left.

    I promise to not make like Jean Schmidt who copied from Deborah Pryce when I look to your OLE posts, but I absolutely am happy to take contributions on the reasons list. I’m only sorry I didn’t start 100 days out. I steadfastly believe that there are at least 100 specific reasons to vote against OLE.

    The proponents are lucky I haven’t thrown down the gauntlet to come up with 57 bona fide and even minimally persuasive reasons to vote yes.

    And yes, I am a Mac user.

    Kumbaya… :)

    Comment by Jill — September 26, 2006 @ 9:53 am

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