September 27, 2006

Betcha Didn’t Know This (Ramadan Rioting in Brussels)

There have been three nights of Ramadan rioting in Brussels (link is to the Brussels Journal Blog, not any “established” media outlet; HT Atlas Shrugs). Read the whole thing.

What part of The 527 Media’s agenda in America prevents reporting on this?


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin’s on it too, with links to Snapped Shot (who has foreign-language video) and EU Referendum. This builds on a point discussed here earlier today — we need alternative news-gatherers, not only because they distort what they do report, but they also overlook hard news that either makes them uncomfortable or doesn’t fit a preset template.

UPDATE 2: “Established” media reports (here, here, here) are referring to Tuesday night’s rioting as the second night. Brussels Journal’s earlier (Tuesday) report chronicles violent events that go back to Saturday between 1 and 4 am, which I believe really means the wee hours of Sunday morning.


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    Just what exactly is going on in Brussels where Belgian authorities are trying to get a handle on rioting in the capital after four days. News reports from the wire services are limited at best. The ostensible cause of the rioting was the death of a …..

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