September 27, 2006

Eurabian Thinking Strikes in Germany — UPDATE (Inefffectual Pushback)

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Original Post — “German opera house cancels provocative Mohammed staging”


It’s worth noting, but it’s hard to be impressed:

German intellectuals angry after opera called off
26 September 2006

BERLIN – German artists and politicians reacted with fury and scorn Tuesday to the decision of Berlin’s biggest opera house to cancel a Mozart production that might offend Muslims.

But the artistic director of the opera company, Kirsten Harms, defended her decision, telling reporters she had acted on police advice and to protect her staff from possible physical attack.

“If anything happened, people would say afterwards I had ignored the warnings,” she said.

The words of the opera, Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, make no reference to Islam, but director Hans Neuenfels introduced a scene to his production that depicts the decapitated heads of the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, the Buddha and the Greek god Poseidon.

At the premiere in 2003, reviewers said the losing scene, in which King Idomeneo sets the four bloody heads on a row of chairs and laughs, was an attack on all religions. The opera house had planned to revive the show for four performances this November.

The Social Democratic mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, said Harms had made the wrong decision because there was no concrete threat.

“Voluntary self-limitation encourages those who are hostile to our values,” he said.

Christoph Schlingensief, a provocative German theatrical director who shocked audiences this month by depicting Britain’s Queen Elizbeth II as a Nazi dwarf, demanded that the opera go ahead.

….. But Ali Kizilkaya, chairman of a mosque group, the Council of Islam, said the opera would offend Muslim feelings.

It would mean more if I thought these people had any idea of why Germany has reached its current state.

I doubt it.

The Wiki entry for Christoph Schlingensief includes this:

Schlingensief is an extremely provocative artist and his major targets are the German and Austrian identity. Therefore it was even more unexpected that he directed Parsifal at the Wagner-Festspiele in Bayreuth. Just a few weeks before this, he went to a Neo-Nazi event in Berlin and ironically suggested publicly to “use the word Judensau (literally: Jewish Pig) in a common and natural way again”.

Well, Herr Schliengsief, what do you expect when “intellectuals” like you and others spend decades ridiculing the idea of national identity and exemplifying oh-so-chic intolerance? At the same time, your country has allowed hordes of Muslim immigrants, many of whom have diametrically opposed values, to settle in. And of course no one dared impose any expectations on them. Why, instead, you or others in your circle were probably among those “celebrating the diversity” that Germany was experiencing. Why wouldn’t you have expected this devolution in freedom of thought and expression to occur? It was as inevitable as night following day.

So the people who set the stage for the climate of intolerance don’t like what they’ve wrought. The opera’s not going to happen; barring some unexpected outburst of courage, Ali Kizilkaya has ensured that. The “intellectual” objections are way too little, way too late.


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin and Allah at Hot Air have new posts, including pictures from 2003′s play published in the New York Times, which was among the publications that did NOT publish the Danish cartoons. Money quote from Malkin: “I have far more of a beef with the Muslim censors leading the Religion of Perpetual Outrage than I do with a goofy German art director messing around with Mozart. This is about much more than free speech and artistic creativity and blasphemy and insult. It’s about whether we submit to dhimmitude or fight.”

UPDATE 2: Others chiming in –

  • Riehl World (“this is about as pathetic as it gets”);
  • HyScience (“What we are seeing in Berlin is yet another instance at Muslims pursuing power and influence rather than dialogue, tolerance of the existing culture, and free speech.”);
  • Silent Running (“I’m sure the irony escapes the throngs of theater staff and supporters that if these same Muslims were running their country, there wouldn’t be any theater.”);
  • LGF (“The opera house did not receive threats or demands to cancel the show; they did it preemptively, out of simple fear.”);
  • It Shines for All (“A weak and scared Europe, unable to stand up for its way of life.”);
  • The Political Pit Bull (“It’s undeniable that the Mohammad cartoon controversy served to embolden the jihadis and confirmed there suspicions that the West can easily be intimidated by threats of violence. And the decision to pull Idomeneo just adds more fuel to that fire”).

UPDATE 3, Sept. 28: Hot Air links to a report indicating that the show may go on after all. My take , based on the histrionics of the various parties involved — If it does, it won’t be because of newly-acquired courage, it will be because the bullies said it would be okay this one time, setting a precedent that future controversial productions would have to go through the same drill. Big whoop. There’s a term for a quasi-governmental conference group screening productions for acceptability: censorship.


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