September 27, 2006

Positivity: Hero honoured after blaze car rescue

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In Scotland, Richard Shaw went to extraordinary lengths to rescue a driver from his burning car:

Mon 18 Sep 2006

Richard Shaw, 31, of Balerno, could be on his way to Downing Street to meet Tony Blair after being named as a winner in the Vodafone Life Savers Awards.

Organisers of the competition said that Mr Shaw had shown “great courage” earlier this year after hauling the unconscious man to safety shortly before the car was gutted by fire.

Mr Shaw was driving to work when he saw that a car had crashed into a tree and was on fire on Ravelrig Road, Balerno.

Stopping immediately, he ran to help and while another passing motorist contacted the emergency services, he tried to free the trapped driver. However, the driver’s side door had been jammed shut due to the crash.

As the fire continued to spread, he ran to the passenger door and managed to release the driver’s seatbelt, dragging the victim out of the car even though the heat of the flames could explode the fuel tank at any minute.

Once they were clear of the car, he administered first aid until the emergency services arrived. The IT consultant was nominated for the award by Lothian and Borders Police for saving the man’s life in January last year.

He said today: “I was absolutely delighted. I knew I’d been nominated, but I wasn’t expecting to win. I didn’t even think that I was putting myself at risk when I went to help the man.

“I saw the car was on fire and that there was someone in it. I didn’t panic, I don’t know what was going through my head – I just knew I had to get him out or he would have been done for.”

He added that he had not seen the man he rescued since the accident. “I just hope he was all right,” he said.

….. The National Life Savers will be honoured at a glittering celebrity-packed event at London’s Café Royal, where they will collect their award before an audience of 300 guests – followed by a special reception at Downing Street the next morning, hosted by Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Awards were launched in April to honour unsung heroes – in the emergency services as well as ordinary members of the public – behind Britain’s most remarkable lifesaving rescues.


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