September 29, 2006

Marvel of the Day: Nanotech Light Bulb

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From the Nashville Business Journal, Vanderbilt chemists connect the dots:

Seeing the light: Nanotech opening door to better bulb
September 22, 2006

One of Vanderbilt University’s projects with the most promising commercialization potential could produce light with less energy.

Sandra Rosenthal in the chemistry department focused her teams’ work on the nanocrystals of cadmium sulfite. Under the old paradigm, changing the size of a nanocrystal would change its color. By accident, a student of Rosenthal’s discovered last summer that making the crystals the smallest size caused them to emit all colors, also known as white light.

That discovery using quantum dots is important because it’s a potential source for solid-state lighting, which uses diodes instead of electricity or gas. Coating blue light-emitting diodes with broad-spectrum quantum dots can create light bulbs could last 50 times longer than the normal light bulb.

“You could really win big in saving electricity and you could really win big in producing less greenhouse gases,” Rosenthal says.


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  1. [...] reported a Vanderbilt University discovery where it was found that coating blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) with broad-spectrum quantum dots could create light bulbs that could last 50 times longer than a normal light bulb. And LEDs use about 5% of the electricity of a normal light bulb. [...]

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