October 4, 2006

To You Boobs at YouTube

Michelle Malkin’s “First They Came” video was not even remotely deserving of a ban, and a conservative discussion group (view and/or download here) she is involved is not even remotely deserving of a flag for questionable content — at least if you guys ever care about being a real business.

Michelle discusses the ban and posts a link to her YouTube vid about the ban here. The dhimmis at YouTube haven’t even responded to her request for an explanation for the banning, because there isn’t a good one.

Memo to YouTube: Until you get your freedom of speech and expression act together, Mark Cuban is right — “Anyone who buys YouTube is a moron.”

Michelle, in an earlier, more bandwith-challenged time, was gracious enough mirror the copy of her video that I posted at this site. If you were there earlier in the day and the vid didn’t work, it does now (it sort of got lost in the cutover a couple of months ago). You can also view or download the vid right here (WMV format).

It’s Amazing That This Must Be Explained

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The Institute for Policy Innovation summarized why gas prices are going down:

….. greedy consumers are forcing gas station owners and the oil industry workforce into taking less money for the gas that they sell.

There should be an investigation, right?

Politicians were more than ready to investigate “greedy oil companies” when gas prices were high.

Now that gas prices have dropped by about nearly a dollar a gallon, doesn’t the same logic apply? Isn’t there a secret plot by consumers to line their own pockets with their own money?
….. conspiracy theories are absurd.

Markets—that good ol’ supply and demand—determine the level of prices. And the recent drop in gas prices is no exception.

The end of the summer driving season means fewer people are taking long trips and using more gas.

The suspension of the shooting war between Israel and Hezbollah calmed fears about a supply disruption.

And the oil companies have increased their efforts to find more oil because of the incentive of higher prices.

All of which has led to more supplies, lower prices and—perhaps most importantly—a boost to the economy.

The 527 Media’s willingness to comment on a conspiracy that doesn’t exist is right up there with the laughable rumors that the military draft was going to be reinstated in the runup to the 2004 election. Actually it’s worse. There’s a tiny chance that our government would lose its mind and put the draft back in place. There’s NO chance that the laws of supply and demand will be repealed as long as human nature is what it is.

The Next UN Sec-Gen

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BBC and Washington Monthly both report that the odds-on favorite is Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, who is currently that country’s foreign minister.

The Wiki entry isn’t very revealing about what Mr. Ban (apparently he is supposed to be referred to by his first name) is all about. The last para of the BBC report provides some potential consolation:

….. the most powerful member states, particularly the US, want a world-class administrator rather than a globe-trotting diplomatic star – and in Mr Ban they may have found their man, he adds.

Of all the things you can say about Kofi Annan, one of them is certainly NOT “world-class administrator.” Mr. Ban has a corruption clean-up task that rivals that of the mythical Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables:

The fifth task of Hercules was to clean the Augean stables, where thousands of cattle were housed, in a single day; Hercules diverted two rivers so that they would flow into the Augean stables.

Mr. Ban doesn’t need to divert waters through the UN, but he does need to force the fresh air of personal and official financial transparency to make its way through Turtle Bay. What Hercules is said to have done may end up looking easy by comparison, especially if what Paul Wolfowitz is facing at the World Bank is any indication.

Matt at WoMD Has Some Questions for Ted Strickland

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The overall question is “Where Was Strickland on Child Predator Issues?”

It, and Matt’s detailed questions, deserve answers.

Spare me the talk about partisan attacks; the issue was brought up by Strickland’s primary challenger, was inadequately addressed, and needs general-election campaign vetting in front of the people of Ohio.

Just Read This Already (Victor Davis Hanson)

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It’s Victor Davis Hanson. This is probably his best column ever (HT Best of the Web), and certainly his best on Europe. Its importance can’t be overstated, nor can the dangers if we don’t learn from Europe’s mistakes.

UPDATE: Link fixed. Thanks to all who noted.

Ho-Hum Hiring Headline (100406)

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From PR Newswire:

It’s Official: Sallie Mae Muncie is Open for Business
Monday October 2, 2:03 pm ET
Community Leaders’ Vision of New Jobs Takes Shape

MUNCIE, Ind., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ — It’s official — the lights are on, and the doors are open at Sallie Mae’s new Muncie operation. Sallie Mae, the nation’s leading student loan provider, today welcomed 103 new employees for their first day of training at the company’s new state-of-the-art facility in Muncie. Formerly a shell structure, the 54,000-square-foot building was built out entirely by state and local contractors. The first training classes, made up of area residents and local college graduates, will begin work this week supporting several subsidiaries in Sallie Mae’s debt management division.
In February 2006, Sallie Mae, along with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Muncie Mayor Dan Canan, announced the company’s plans to locate in Muncie and add 700 jobs in Indiana. Governor Daniels and Mayor Canan were instrumental in bringing Sallie Mae to Muncie along with a team of local officials who made it happen …..

Toyota’s US Sales Growth Continues, and Outshines Rivals

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Its year-over-year sales increase in September was a whopping 25%. No other maker mentioned had an increase greater than Ford’s 4.7%. Chrysler, GM, and Honda had declines. Nissan’s results weren’t noted.

Positivity: Cards of Thanks to Injured Troops

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An outpouring of support, actually more like an avalanche:

8,745 Cards of Thanks Destined for Troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Sometimes a child walked up to an Air Force Reserve Recruiter and asked for a card to sign. Sometimes families passed a card around, each member writing a note. Sometimes the writer was the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, or Indy champ, Bobby Unser, or several members of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, who fought as a unit during World War II. At the end of the eleven-and-a-half week journey across the United States, 8,745 cards of thanks and good wishes are ready for the Air Force Reserve Jet Car Team to deliver to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Wednesday, October 11, 2006, as a tribute to the Dedication of the Air Force Memorial on October 14.
“The outpouring has been incredible,” said Bill Braack, Jet Car Driver. “The response we’ve received from the public — it says we’re doing the right thing.”

The Jet Car Team will participate in the dedication ceremonies at the Pentagon, and wanted to include as many Americans as possible in this event. The idea was to ask people at air shows across the country to fill out cards of good wishes and thanks for the troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. At each stop, the local media pitched in and got the word out about the signing project.

The first stop was Dayton, Ohio, where Bill Braack, threw out the first pitch at a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game, then it was on to the Dayton International Air Show. Total cards: 1739.

Next, the Air Force Reserve Jet Car went to St. Louis, Missouri, appearing at the St. Louis Science Center before going to the Scott Air Force Base Air Show. Total: 1674.

The third stop was at Exploration Place, the science center in Wichita, Kansas, before the McConnell Air Force Base Air Show. Total: 1004. Then came the National Air Championship Races at Reno, Nevada, where air race enthusiasts from around the world signed 2,706 cards. The last stop was the California International Air Show at Salinas, with a preliminary stop at the Harden Ranch Plaza. That total was 275.

Drifting fans from each coast participated as well. Those attending the D1 VS NASCAR event at Irwindale Speedway, in Irwindale, California, on August 31 and the Formula D Championship series at the Wall Township Speedway, in Wall, New Jersey, on September 9, filled out 548 and 576 cards respectively.

Bill Braack’s home town of Longview, Washington, wanted to get involved and hosted an event on September 20, coming up with 224 cards. The Air Force Reserve Jet Car, which rockets from zero to 400 mph in about eight seconds, appears at air shows round the country. The Jet Car was invented by Scott Hammack and is driven by Bill Braack.