October 4, 2006

To You Boobs at YouTube

Michelle Malkin’s “First They Came” video was not even remotely deserving of a ban, and a conservative discussion group (view and/or download here) she is involved is not even remotely deserving of a flag for questionable content — at least if you guys ever care about being a real business.

Michelle discusses the ban and posts a link to her YouTube vid about the ban here. The dhimmis at YouTube haven’t even responded to her request for an explanation for the banning, because there isn’t a good one.

Memo to YouTube: Until you get your freedom of speech and expression act together, Mark Cuban is right — “Anyone who buys YouTube is a moron.”

Michelle, in an earlier, more bandwith-challenged time, was gracious enough mirror the copy of her video that I posted at this site. If you were there earlier in the day and the vid didn’t work, it does now (it sort of got lost in the cutover a couple of months ago). You can also view or download the vid right here (WMV format).


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