October 6, 2006

Sherrod Brown: Stirring the, uh, Pot (and More)

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Matt at WoMD has a lengthy catalog of newspaper stories from the mid-1980s through 1990 about possible, potential, probable, and actual illegal drug use by employees of then-Secretary of State Sherrod Brown’s office.

Additionally, there are claims made in those articles that Brown applied pressure to curb or end ongoing investigations into these matters, and hired at least one person with known drug associations.

So what IS Sherrod Brown’s current position on illegal drugs? His “Issues Page” is silent. If he’s a libertarian and favors legalization of recreational drugs, he should come out and say so. If he thinks that putting recreational users of drugs that are currently illegal on the US Senate payroll wouldn’t pose any kind of problem, he should tell us. If he has any known drug users on his congressional staff now, he should admit to that too, and tell us why his constituents shouldn’t be bothered by that. It’s quite possible that a sizable portion of the voting population won’t be concerned; after all, recreational drug use by members of the Clinton Administration was widely known, and apparently tolerated, by the American electorate in 1996. Regardless, I would suggest that Ohio voters need to know these things before November 7.

I doubt that we need to worry about where former Greene County Prosecutor Mike DeWine stands on illegal drug use.


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