October 6, 2006

Should One Columbiana Co. BOE Member Disqualify Himself in the Strickland Complaint?

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Yesterday evening, Lincoln Logs reported something about the complaint filed at the Columbiana County Board of Elections that the Lisbon Morning Journal (LMJ) did not.

Here’s what the LMJ said about one of the Elections Board members:

One of the elections board members is county Democrat Party Chairman Dennis Johnson, who laughed about the complaint when contacted by the Morning Journal and characterized it as a desperate attempt to deflect from Republican problems in the polls.

“We’ve been through this before. Why would anyone do this except to throw off all the other stuff,” he said.

Dennis Johnson said the elections board will give the complaint a fair hearing, but he said anyone who lives in Lisbon can tell you that Strickland stays at his apartment when in this part of the district, especially the employees at the Steel Trolley Diner, which he frequents.

The LMJ did NOT note, as Lincoln Logs did, the following:

Denny, by the way, became a superstar during petition gate (earlier this year, when 6th District congressional candidate Charlie Wilson failed to submit 50 valid signatures of district residents, and was forced to run a write-in campaign, which he won — Ed.) when he was caught sneaking in and out of the board of elections when it became clear Green Card Charlie (Wilson) didn’t have the signatures. You can see him doing his sneaking below.


Perhaps it’s time Denny recused himself based on his comments and past partisan practices.

Matt’s post at the time described secretive behavior and alluded to possible violations of open-meetings laws that were ultimately never addressed:

What are the County Democratic Chair and the Board of Elections Director doing? The Board of Elections is a public office, and it is a bit strange to be holding after hours ….. meetings on deadline night.

I think it’s pretty clear, despite the lip service, that Denny Johnson has his mind made up. He appears incapable of reviewing the evidence in the current Strickland residency/voting complaint and rendering an objective decision. If that is indeed the case, he should recuse himself.


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