October 9, 2006

Eliot Spitzer Comes Out

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From the New York Times (may require registration):

Mr. Spitzer, who is running for governor and holds a commanding lead in the polls, made his strongest declaration yet in support of gay marriage in his remarks to the Empire State Pride Agenda, the state’s leading gay lobbying group. He told the audience, “We will make it law in New York.”

If elected, Mr. Spitzer, a Democrat, would be the most prominent state official in the nation to call for the legalization of gay marriage, though Democratic candidates for governor in California and Massachusetts have also expressed support.

….. “We will not ask whether this proposition of legalizing same-sex marriage is popular or unpopular; we will not ask if it’s hard or easy; we will simply ask if it’s right or wrong,” he told a crowd of nearly 1,200 gathered at a Midtown hotel ballroom. “I think we know in this room what the answer to that question is.”

Here’s a benchmark: The supposed nonpartisan Center for Politics headed up by newly-discovered Democratic hack Larry Sabato hasn’t bothered updating his “Crystal Ball” on the New York’s governor’s race in months, and says that it’s a given that Spitzer “will easily top 60% of the vote.” According to Bloomberg this past week, Spitzer is leading his Republican opponent John Faso by a margin of 3 to 1.

Those two tidbits, and the fact that there is no Conservative Party candidate this time around lead me to suggest that if Spitzer gets less than 70% of the vote, it will be because of backlash against his aggressive pro-gay marriage stance. If he comes in below 60%, the backlash will have to be evaluated as having been signficant. The results on November 7, and the response, will be interesting.


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