October 10, 2006

This Is Too Much for the Real 9/11 Victims and Their Families to Have to Bear

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The Arizona 9/11 memorial designers wanted to commemorate ….. the hijackers:

  • Ace
  • Hot Air (with vid from Fox News that you simply MUST watch just to get the “explanations” of the memorial’s commissioner as to why certain inscriptions are there)
  • Michelle Malkin

It seems a miracle that the hijackers AREN’T memorialized. The memorial is an insult to everyone who died on September 11. If the state’s current governor actually approved the inscriptions on the memorial, she should be fired by the voters in 4 weeks.


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  1. I agree with Michelle Malkin 100%

    Comment by Douglas V. Gibbs — October 10, 2006 @ 11:08 pm

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