October 10, 2006

Placeholder for Strickland’s 1999 ‘Present’ Vote Post

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The entry has been moved to October 13, and the URL (web address) changed as a result.

Oh, and a belated welcome to WorldNetDaily readers!



  1. It’s OK to out Foley for IM’s that where a prank, he has not been charged or has he been accused of having sex with anyone, but Stickland who has hidden being gay and vacationed with a guy who had a police record for exposing himself! Now the democrats praise Stubbs who molested a non gay Paige by getting him drunk, (Date Rape), and Ted Kennedy Of Chappaquiddick praised him, and Barny of Barnie’s Gay cat house with young Boy’s, Demoncraps can’t have it both ways the FOLEY deal was just to stop the momentum of the GOP on security they are a joke and the will loose big, the craps can’t go both ways, the democrat should decline to run now him and the DNC should condemn him! Na they will give him a reward!!!

    Comment by James Ryoun — October 15, 2006 @ 5:20 pm

  2. #1, I’m with you on everything but Strickland’s orientation, which absent evidence is unproven. The vacation and the rumors aren’t enough.

    Comment by TBlumer — October 15, 2006 @ 5:34 pm

  3. [...] I expect a lot of news coverage on this today, so this will stay near the top of the blog. 10/17: Newshound rips on PD’s Paul Naymik. new! 10/17: Akron Beacon-Journal: Blackwell accuses Strickland of pedophile support. new! 10/17: The CPD shills for Strickland, blames Blackwell for bringing it up. new! 10/17: The Dayton Daily Worker: Blackwell Steps Up Attack. new! 10/17: The Toledo Blade’s article. 10/17: The Enquirer covers the debate. Guess what’s the major focus? new! 10/17: WND: Jerome Corsi has much, much more on the mystery staffer. new! 10/17: RAB: Bob Burney talks about the mystery staffer last Friday. 10/17: Columbus Dispatch on the debate and Stricklands positions. new! 10/17: NixGuy: 4th Debate notes, (in which Blackwell brings up the vote and Strickland responds). new! 10/16: NixGuy: Why did Strickland oppose H Con Res 107? 10/14: NixGuy: Trouble in Stricklandtown. 10/13: Robert Novak highlights the Strickland problem in his column, giving it national exposure. 10/13: BSB calls us ’sick’ but keeps up on the Foley stuff, heh. 10/13: Scott Pullins post about the mystery campaign staffer. 10/13: More man-boy sex research supported by Strickland. 10/13: BizzyBlog takes apart lefty psychologist 10/12: Bob Frantz vs. Psychologist 10/12: Bob Burney audio. 10/12: Bob Frantz show audio 10/12: Cunningham show report 10/12: NixGuy: Strickland Smarter than Dobson? 10/11: Modern Esquire’s attempted linkage to Deb Pryce and Nixguy’s response. 10/11: WorldNetDaily Article. 10/10: Nixguy has more man-boy sex research that apparently Strickland approves of. 10/10: Bizzyblog’s index 10/3: WMD’s original post on the subject. Filed under: Ohio Governor, Strickland by — Dave @ 6:53 am [...]

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