October 12, 2006

Enky Blog Is Back in Sleep Mode

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On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Politics Extra Blog covered polls released by the Bliss Insitute. Of course, they neglected to note that the Institute’s polls relating to the Reform Ohio Now initiatives last November were off by as much as 28 points, or a 56-point swing.

The same blog that posted about a dozen times on Jean Schmidt’s 13 year-old Columbus Marathon picture can’t find the space for the Ted Strickland residency controversy (covered by three Ohio papers), the meaning of Strickland’s 1999 “Present” vote on a resolution condemning a psychological research study attempting to begin the process of making adult-child sex pedophilia more acceptable, or the lax attitude on the part of Sherrod Brown towards drug use in his office when he was Secretary of State.

Yep, it’s mid-October in a general-election season. Time for the Enky to go to sleep, with occasional rumblings on endorsement Sundays.


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