October 12, 2006

Positivity: Baby Survives Three Days Alone in the Wilderness

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In Alvarado, Texas, two police officers’ decisions to take their day off to continue a search paid off:

Kevin Brown, a 2½-year-old North Texas toddler who survived alone in the wilderness for 69 hours, is back home with his family today, thanks to a huge rescue effort, and two helicopter pilots who spotted him.

A manhunt for Kevin began after his parents reported the boy missing from his front yard on Sept. 21.

Police and volunteers combed acres of pastures, covered with tall grass and ponds – areas where bobcats and coyotes are known to wander.

The search was about to be called off for good when two police officers, refusing to give up, took to the skies in a helicopter on their day off.

“We were losing hope. It was taking so long,” Kevin’s father, Almond Brown, said.

The officers spotted Kevin on Sept. 24, lying on his stomach, apparently trying to get water from a tank.

Brown suffered sunburn, dehydration and bug bites to make it home alive.

“He’s here now, and that’s what we’re most thankful for,” Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford told reporters.

Police said the child had to walk through a barbed-wire fence and a herd of cattle to get to where they found him.

When the boy’s parents met him at the hospital, he didn’t have much to say to his father.

“He was looking for his mother. He didn’t really say a lot to me,” Almond Brown said.


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