October 13, 2006

Oh, That ‘Lame’ Strickland Residency Controversy Is Getting Around Quite Nicely

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The “lame” story gets legs:

More coverage is at Lincoln Logs, which has been the primary source on this issue, including being the guy who was told by The Plain Dealer a week ago that the story was “lame.”

No, silly reader, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s blog has nothing (now it does — see Update 2), even though yours truly literally dropped the story in their lap a few days ago. Now THAT, from the paper that brought you three or more print articles articles and a dozen blog entries on Jean Schmidt’s 1993 marathon picture, is lame.


UPDATE: More — Salem News (lots of interesting info in this one), NixGuy at his AOLelectionsblog outpost, and the Lisbon Morning Journal News.

UPDATE 2: The Enky Blog got to it about an hour after this post went up, and the print edition had a story on Saturday.


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