October 18, 2006

He Should Have Thrown a Party or Something

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Will Franklin of Willisms is back at his home blog.

He snuck back in last Thursday without so much as a peep. Welcome back, Will.

His latest post correlates state business climate with redness or blueness. UGH — Ohio has the worst business climate of any red state. 7 of the the 10 best biz climes are in red states. 7 of the worst 10 are in blue states.

It leads one to think that because the Ohio GOP has governed near-blue (even though the party won elections based on promises to govern red), there is serious electoral concern. Fortunately, Ken Blackwell is a clean break from “the blues,” as are the two non-major candidates. Ted Strickland is as blue as the sea of taxes the state is already drowning in. The best we could hope for is that he won’t raise the water level.


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