October 18, 2006

Positivity: Identical Twins Survive Rare Womb Condition in Mother

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After four months, Evan Allison is coming home to meet his brother Ethan.

The identical twins’ mother was faced with an awful decision, and chose to try to save both children. That decision has paid off (Windows Media video is also at link):

Posted: 10/4/2006 5:28:24 PM
Twin boys beat the odds and each other to survive.

Evan and Ethan Allison were afflicted with twin to twin transfusion syndrome. That means the babies were battling it out in the womb to get enough blood to stay alive.

Bundled up tight in blankets, Evan and Ethan Allison look like any other babies. But make no mistake they are a medical miracle.

Their mother Teri says, “When they were first born, they had to wrap them in Saran wrap to keep them warm.”

The twins were born three months early, and each weighed under two pounds. That’s not what makes their survival so amazing, though.

Their mother was diagnosed with twin to twin transfusion syndrome, rare condition that only affects identical twins, while they were in her womb. The syndrome is often deadly for both babies.

Teri says the diagnosis shocked here.

She said, “I cried. I cried like a baby. I don’t think he showed as much emotion but I cried. I couldn’t help it.”

Evan was getting too little of Teri’s blood in the womb, and Ethan was getting too much. To even it out, Teri and her husband Josh could let nature takes its course or cut Evan’s umbilical cord in hopes of saving Ethan.

Teri said, “To me that wasn’t an option. We were gonna play it and see, let the cards fall where they may.”

Luck was with them. Both boys survived. Heart monitor and oxygen tanks aside, they are in good health.

Wednesday, the twins will be reunited. Evan’s finally strong enough to leave the hospital after a four month stay.

Teri said, “That’s what I’m waiting for is to bring ‘em home and lay ‘em together so they can kind of look at each other. Yeah.”

Teri Allison credits the Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation with helping her save her twins. She says she followed its tips to stay in bed and drink high protein shakes three times a day.

She says she’s grateful the foundation exists because her condition was so rare many people, including her doctors, knew little about it.

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome affects 15% of identical twins. It can happen to any mom and her babies. The syndrome is not hereditary. It is not caused by anything the parents did or did not do.


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