October 18, 2006

Where in the World Is No-Show Sherrod? (BizzyBlog Dealbreaker Number 1)

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Those of you who read this post Saturday would have noticed that I used the term “dealbreaker” there. It means something that will cause a person not to vote or you regardless of your party or your stands on the issues.

Unless someone can contradict this, Sherrod Brown has stepped into a BizzyBlog dealbreaker — by not showing up for meetings or votes (the info is from a DeWine press release, but the focus, of course, has to be on whether or not it’s factual):

REALITY CHECK: Where in the world is Sherrod Brown?

“It’s laughable that Sherrod Brown is criticizing Mike DeWine’s attendance at hearings of the Intelligence Committee, when Congressman Brown has a shameful record of attendance at his own committee hearings and a record of missed votes that make you wonder, where in the world is Congressman Sherrod Brown. With confirmation that North Korea did test a nuclear weapon within the past few days, how can Congressman Brown claim he wants to keep us safe when he’s missed 92 percent of his subcommittee’s hearings on the threat of North Korea over the past nine years. Once again, Congressman Brown’s rhetoric does not match his record,” said Breann Gonzalez, spokesperson for Mike DeWine for U.S. Senate.

“Congressman Brown has missed at least 278 roll call votes since coming to Washington.

Deal, broken. If you really can’t abide by Mike DeWine under any circumstances, your next question should be, “Is there a write-in candidate?”


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