October 20, 2006

Ding-Ding-Ding! Sherrod Brown Dealbreaker #2 Is Back in Effect

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A BizzyBlog Dealbreaker is defined as “something that completely justifies a person not voting for you, regardless of your party or your stands on the issues.”


Here’s the previous post on Dealbreaker #2.

Here’s the synopsis:

  • Mike DeWine ran, and is still running with minor modifications because of what will be covered below, a commerical accusing Sherrod Brown of being delinquent on certain taxes. The evidence looked pretty convincing, and BizzyBlog gave it the Dealbreaker #2 designation (Dealbreaker #1, a poor record of showing up for votes, especially a high percentage of those relating to an important matter, is here, and is not in dispute).
  • Brown shot back (link may not go directly to Openers’ permalink; I don’t know why) that he had paid the debt “long ago,” and that the item DeWine named in his advertisement was a lien that had been released, in essence a bureaucratic oversight or detail that had not been attended to. Because of that, the Dealbreaker #2 designation was removed, unless and until someone shows me that the taxes, though paid, were (though paid “long ago”) still paid very late.”
  • Yesterday, DeWine revealed a level of detail that I suppose Sherrod Brown either didn’t expect DeWine to respond with, or didn’t expect voters to care about. Well, I sure care, and I believe that almost anyone who pays taxes does too:

    Sherrod Brown Admits State of Ohio had to take legal action to force him to pay his taxes

    “Sherrod Brown admitted the State of Ohio had to take legal action to force him to pay his taxes. As state officials confirmed, Sherrod Brown did not pay the unemployment taxes that every other employer in Ohio is required to pay. Sherrod Brown first said that he did not pay them for 12 years; he is now saying that he made a mistake and that he did finally pay them but only after the State of Ohio took legal action against him.”

    “The facts are clear: Sherrod Brown didn’t pay his taxes. In fact, he didn’t pay his taxes for so long that the State of Ohio was forced to take legal action against him to get him to pay what he owed.”

    “And now the best Sherrod Brown can say is that it was nearly two years that he cheated unemployed Ohio workers out of the money that was due to them.”

    “C’mon, Sherrod. How many Ohio workers get to pay their tax bill two years late?”

    “Do we really need a U.S. Senator who can’t even manage his own financial affairs? Can we trust someone who waits for the government to take legal action before he pays his taxes?”

“Nearly two years” meets anyone’s reasonable definition of “paid very late.”

Accordingly, the Dealbreaker #2 designation has been reinstated.

One sure sign that the latest DeWine claim is on track, and that BizzyBlog Dealbreaker #2 will stand this time, is that the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Openers blog is saying that the US Senate campaign is “in the gutter” (again, link may not go directly to Openers’ permalink). Uh-huh. Guys and gals at the PD, we learned how to translate those words long ago, as follows: “The unpleasant truth about a Democrat is being revealed, and try as we might, we can’t stop it from coming out.”


UPDATE: Game, set, match — all you need to know, from the DeWine campaign’s press release today –

  • Congressman Brown did not pay taxes owed the state of Ohio on July 31, 1992, October 31, 1992 and January 31, 1993.
  • He would have received notices from the state informing him that he was delinquent in paying his taxes.
  • By December of 1993, the state of Ohio took legal action to force him to pay.
  • The 1994 FEC April quarterly report shows that Congressman Brown’s campaign paid the OBES $2,116.45 for delinquent taxes.
  • When Congressman Brown says that he paid his taxes after 4 months he is not telling the truth. He did not pay them for 19 months until the state of Ohio took legal action and forced him to do so.

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