October 20, 2006

Strickland Controversies Referral Post (102006)

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Here’s how to get from the beginnning to the for latest on the Strickland controversies:


1. The non-background-checked hiring of a staffer in the late 1990s who had a criminal record as a convicted sex predator, was promoted to 1998 campaign manager, and who took a vacation to Italy with Strickland in 1999:

Corsi’s latest makes it clear that Ted Strickland was not just anonymously tipped about the person involved, he was shown copies of official documents such as arrest records, yet took the word of his employee that he had no prior criminal history.


2. The “Present” vote on the 1999 resolution (Roll call vote: 355 For, None Against, 13 Present) that condemned the American Psychological Association’s study of a research report claiming that pedophilia was sometimes a good thing — for the child:

Important: Here’s a link to the breathtaking one-minute floor speech where Strickland in essence called 355 of his colleagues a technically incompetent pack of liars (yes he did — read it).

As I have said before, here is the takeaway from this particular controversy:

Nobody can fairly say that Ted Strickland supports pedophilia, but no one can deny that Ted Strickland’s 1999 “Present” vote on H CON RES 107, and especially his subsequent reaction to Congress’s unanimous support of it, provided aid and comfort to those who do. The only debate is over how much.


3. Questions about Strickland’s claim of residency for voting purposes in Lisbon, OH, when he owns a condo in Columbus and appears to spend much more of his non-DC time there:


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