October 21, 2006

Ted Strickland and Bob McEwen: Two Voting Scofflaws Meet to Congratulate Each Other

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  • October 20 — “Strickland Votes Early Amid Residency Flap;” for perhaps the first time in US history, a gubernatorial candidate casts his own ballot on a day other than Election Day


NOTE: Unbeknownst to all but BizzyBlog, Ted Strickland and former congressman Bob McEwen met last night in an undisclosed location somewhere around Washington, DC; Fairfax Station, VA; Lucasville, OH; Lisbon, OH; Columbus, OH; Hillsboro, OH; Cincinnati, OH; or at some other yet to be determined place where one or the other of these two peas in a pod claims to have lived over the years.


Well, if it isn’t my longtime enemy Bob McEwen! I always wanted to shake your hand as Ted Strickland, the Congressman and the Ohio gubernatorial candidate. I didn’t get to do that when I whipped your a–, uh, beat you (sorry, I have to keep this ministerial appearance thing going) 14 years ago.

Yeah, Ted, it’s me. Y’know, I’ve never gotten over that loss and having to leave the House. I’ve tried to get back into Congress three times …..

Zip it, Bob, I know. What brings you here?

Well, Ted, I always thought you were a lousy campaigner and a compete zero until today. You never would have beaten me in ’92 if I hadn’t …..

Yeah, yeah, written all those NSF checks on the House Bank.
I gotcha good with that one, didn’t I?

Ted, even someone who’s blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other one could have capitalized on that. But that’s not my point. I wanted to congratulate you on casting your ballot today.

Yeah, Bob, as much as I think you’re one of the most sanctimonious fools ever to enter politics, I have to admit that I learned something from you during this spring’s congressional primary in Ohio’s Second District. That tactic of voting early when that residency controversy got too hot was a stroke of geniu–, er, that was a really slick move.

You’re right, Ted. Who ARE these people who think that actually living in the congressional district you want to serve, or even living where you’re registered to vote, is important? Hey, how is that condo in Columbus anyway?

Oh, it’s fine. It sure beats that piece of cr–, er, that upstairs apartment in Lisbon above my campaign headquarters that I’m trying to pass off as my voting residence. But you’re right, Bob, they have some nerve criticizing us. I pay rent in Lisbon, I get my mail in Lisbon, I have furniture in Lis –

Zip it, Ted. I don’t need to hear
that TV routine you did the other night again.

Sorry, Bob. I have to stay on message.

That’s okay, Ted. Even though you’re the most self-righteous and condescending person I’ve ever met, I have to admit that even you obviously learned something from me….

Yeah, that when the voting gets tough….

The tough get VOTING! Ha-ha!

We’re just two wild and, shady guys!



Hey, Bob, before you go…..

Yeah what, Ted?

Well…. Why DID you lose in May, anyway?
And why are you smiling?

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  1. Ha! He always smiles.

    What continues to annoy me about McEwen was he could have easily cleared the primary and be giving Charlie Wilson a very tough fight right now in Strickland’s old district and at the same time be campaigning very effectively with and for Blackwell.

    But he’d rather be ensconced in a “safe” seat and attack a fellow GOPer. I guess it was really all about Bob.

    Comment by dave — October 21, 2006 @ 12:55 pm

  2. Can you imagine the possible back-and-forth between Wilson, who doesn’t live in the district and isn’t moving in, and McEwen, if his Hillsboro BOE baggage were sprung as an October surprise? Yikes.

    Comment by TBlumer — October 21, 2006 @ 1:37 pm

  3. #1, given how the national campaign has gone, I DO think the Dems would have found the Hillboro BOE baggage and the residency issue if McEwen had run in OH-06, esp with the grief Tammy Duckworth is getting over not living in her district in the IL-06 race.

    Comment by TBlumer — October 21, 2006 @ 1:42 pm

  4. [...] Ouch. Also don’t miss Bizzy’s overheard conversation. Filed under: Ohio Governor, Blackwell, Strickland by — Dave @ 2:18 pm [...]

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