October 23, 2006

Obama the Chama Should be Cause for Alama

(in case it’s not clear) Barack Obama the Charmer Should Be Cause for Alarm

The worked-up, temporarily and justifiably R-rated Porkopolis has the details on Obama’s stunning ignorance of what is in the recently passed Military Commissions Act, which Obama voted against. Cynical. Political. Opportunist.

The fact that 2-year senator Obama is treated like a rock star and given presumptive serious-presidential-candidate status by the 527 Media is an indicator of just how thin the Democratic Party’s bench is after Hillary, Kerry, and Gore (oh my).


UPDATE: Since Obama himself is talking about a 2008 run, let me say this — He knows he has no chance, but if he runs, it will be for one reason: to become Hillary’s Vice President. Write, it, down.

Also, not that anyone seems to care about these things any more, but it should be noted for the record that Obama promised Illinois that he would serve his entire Senate term until 2010:

Sen. Barack Obama acknowledged Sunday he was considering a run for president in 2008, backing off previous statements that he would not do so.

The Illinois Democrat said he could no longer stand by the statements he made after his 2004 election and earlier this year that he would serve a full six-year term in Congress. He said he would not make a decision until after the Nov. 7 elections.

Earth to AP: It was a PROMISE, not a “statement.” I may have to open up my blog to R-Rated language if this keeps up.

UPDATE 2: Rush calls the media fawning over Obama an “O-basm.” Too, funny.



  1. Your choice of the words, “thin” and “vice-president,” put you and me on the same page once again. I watched Obama-rama tonite on Fox before I read your post, and I thought
    1) the Dems must be hurting to be going gah-gah over a freshman senator as a presidential prospect and 2) he must want to be VP. I will admit that a Hillary-Billary/Obama-rama ticket would be formidable. But I think it would also fire up the card-carrying members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, like me, to do more to derail and defeat them. That kind of ticket coming after two years of Democrat legislation (assuming the Dems win both houses on Nov 7, an assumption I refuse to make right at this moment) should jar up the GOP and help the leadership to move from “moderate” Dumbos to “Conservative” Jumbos. If so, the base will be back in spades: then it’s lead, follow or get out of the way, baby!

    Comment by Excelsior — October 23, 2006 @ 8:51 pm

  2. #1, Points well taken.

    Comment by TBlumer — October 23, 2006 @ 10:22 pm

  3. I update my post with the words of Senators McCain, Warner and Graham (no apologists for the Bush Administration, mind you) that directly contradict Obama\’s claims on the Military Commission Act:

    *…Habeas Corpus : Another myth is that, under our bill, detainees would lose the basic right to challenge their imprisonment. Actually, both the Detainee Treatment Act and the Military Commissions Act allow an individual to challenge his status in administrative and judicial fora. These challenges are in excess of what our soldiers would be afforded as prisoners of war…

    …Judicial Review : Other critics claim that our civilian courts would have no power to review any aspect of the military tribunal system, except verdicts by military tribunals. The truth is that our federal courts today already have the right to review the decisions made by military Combatant Status Review Tribunals.*

    The MSM is derelict in covering Obama.

    Comment by Porkopolis — October 27, 2006 @ 11:30 am

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