October 25, 2006

The Ted Strickland Dealbreakers — Briefly Stated

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- The Ted Strickland BizzyBlog Dealbreakers

A BizzyBlog Dealbreaker is defined as “something that completely justifies a person not voting for you, regardless of your party or your stands on the issues.”

The Dealbreakers don’t relate to where Ted Strickland is trying to claim he lives NOW; they relate to where he has lived during the past three-plus years, and what he did not tell voters about where he lived during nearly all of that time.

The East Liverpool Review’s endorsement of Ken Blackwell is what sealed the Dealbreakers:

There is little evidence that Strickland, meanwhile, helped his own congressional district. It has one of the highest unemployment rates of any congressional district in the U.S.

It is clear that he announced his move to Lisbon only after the district was reshaped leaving Columbiana as the largest county. But it is clear to Lisbon residents that he spends little, if any, time there. His own income tax records indicate he resides in Columbus.

This shows that Ted Strickland, the guy who completed an absentee ballot last Friday, has, for all practical purposes, been an absentee Congressman since shortly after he began “serving” the redrawn 6th District in January 2003.

A vast bipartisan and ideological majority feels very strongly about residency and congressional representation:


The points leading to the Dealbreakers are these:

  • Ted Strickland closed on the purchase of his condominium in Columbus on April 2, 2003, less than three months after his first term serving the redrawn 6th Congressional District began.
  • Ted Strickland did not inform the people of the 6th District that he, in essence, moved out of the District to spend most of his non-DC time in Columbus, and, as such, became, in essence, an absentee congressman.
  • Voters in the 6th district, and for that matter the rest of Ohio, were not informed that Ted Strickland had moved to Columbus in 2003 and had been spending most of his non-DC time there, until Strickland revealed the existence of the condo sometime after the 2006 Democratic primary.
  • This means that 6th District voters in general were not aware of Ted Strickland’s condo and rare district presence (again, people, it’s documented) when they voted in the 2004 Democratic Primary, or in the 2004 general election.
  • It also means that Ohio’s 2006 Democratic voters in the May gubernatorial primary were not aware that the favored candidate had spent the previous 3-plus years living outside of his congressional district, and rarely visiting it.
  • Ted Strickland has been paying Columbus income tax (Team Strickland has said as much).
  • Ted Strickland has not been paying Lisbon Village income tax.

DEALBREAKER 1 is Voter Deception — Ted Strickland profoundly deceived the 6th District in the 2004 primary and general elections, and also deceived Democratic primary voters in 2006.

His 6th District reelection in 2004, though unopposed, is nevertheless irretrievably tainted, simply because we will never know whether opposition would have materialized during the 2004 Demcratic primary or for the general election.

Ted Strickland’s May 2006 Democratic gubernatorial primary “victory” is not merely tainted, it’s illegitimate (and thus, so is his November general-election candidacy). Statewide Democratic voters who pulled the lever for him on May 2 voted for the Ted Strickland assumed to be from Lisbon and who was assumed to live in his congressional district. We know now that this person does not exist, and that Ted Strickland’s name therefore should not even have been on the ballot.

DEALBREAKER 2 is Financially Shortchanging His District — What Ted Strickland has done during the past three years has robbed the 6th District of three years, and counting, of greatly needed tax revenues.

By choosing to live in Columbus and choosing to pay income taxes there, Ted Strickland has consciously chosen to shortchange the District he represents. By not owning a residence in the district and choosing to live in an owner-occupied residence in Columbus, he can also be seen as shortchanging the district’s schools and emergency services of needed property tax revenues in favor of a much larger area with a much larger tax base.

* * * * *

Ted Strickland has failed for years to level with his constituents about his out-of-district residency. Deal — BROKEN.

Because he has chosen to live outside his district, Ted Strickland has denied the people he “represents” any tax benefit from his labors. Deal — BROKEN.

Discussion of “issues” — OVER.

Ted Strickland has broken the politician-constituent-voter contract, first with the people in his district, and now with the people of Ohio. Based on the above, all conscientious Ohio voters in November should feel compelled to choose another gubernatorial candidate, or to abstain.


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