October 25, 2006

Why Would an Auditor Want to Audit?

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I’m giving away my age here (in fact I’d like to give away part of my age to anyone who’d be willing to take it!), but at Arthur Young, one of the old Big Eight international CPA firms, I never heard an audit partner say the things Barbara Sykes, who is after all running for State Auditor, has been saying (HT RAB; also Lincoln Logs and Viking Spirit are on it):

“If the auditor is running around trying to audit….. then we’re in real big trouble …..”

Hey, I would gladly have taken the day off to go to a Businessman’s Special at Riverfront Stadium, or whatever. But auditors have real work to do in a real world, one that I am concerned that Barbara Sykes does not reside in.

Other Sykes gems:

“I think that people should work so they can pay their taxes. Because we need their money.”

“I did vote for the increase in taxes — with (wiff?) Taft?”

Oh, my.

At the risk of bragging on my profession, the decision on the State Auditor vote is an easy one. Mary Taylor is a CPA; Barbara Sykes isn’t. Mary Taylor is articulate; Barbara Sykes? Well …..

(Counting down the hours to when someone throws the R-word at me …..)


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