October 29, 2006

The Michigan Senate Race Just Got about 1,000 Votes Closer

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Maybe she should change her name to Debbie Stepped-in-it (HT Hugh Hewitt):

A Michigan company has asked U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow to retract her statements that it outsourced jobs overseas.

Jackson National Life Insurance Co. sent a letter to Stabenow last week asking her to apologize for a campaign TV commercial and her public comments related to the company. Stabenow, a Democrat up for re-election Nov. 7, has said the company outsourced jobs to India and China.

Jackson National says that is not true. But the Stabenow campaign stood by its statements Saturday.

“We’ve been clear through this whole process,” Stabenow campaign spokesman Brent Colburn said. “We stand by our ad.”

….. The Stabenow campaign has said the outsourcing comment refers to a 2001 software contract between Jackson National and a contractor that has done some of its own work overseas. Jackson National says it performs most of its information technology work itself.

The company’s letter to Stabenow said its relationship with the contractor helped Jackson National create 90 new Michigan jobs. The company has about 1,300 workers in Lansing, about 300 more than in 2000.

Colburn said the issue isn’t the company, but rather Bouchard’s position on outsourcing.

Bouchard has said Stabenow’s statements about Jackson are “unbelievably untrue.”

Reaching back five years; criticizing a business arrangement that added jobs that weren’t there before; maligning a company that has added 300 jobs in a state with over 7% unemployment; and then “stand(ing) by their ad.”

Yeah, she’s stepped in it all right.

Assuming that 1,000 of the company’s employees are registered to vote, and that they were split 50-50 before this ruckus, I think it’s safe, perhaps even conservative, to say that the split is now 75-25 Bouchard. Add an additional family member (at least) for each of the 250 employees who has changed their vote, and you have 500 changed votes, or a 1,000-vote swing.

That of course doesn’t include anyone else in the Great Lakes State who must be shaking their heads in amazement at the economic and political obtuseness on display.


Keep it up, Deb.


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