October 29, 2006

Why Isn’t Vic Wulsin Listing All of Her Endorsements? (UPDATE: This Is Dealbreaker 2)

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QUICK ANSWER: Because, if known by 2nd District voters, it would turn off most of them. However, they are very handy for raising a great deal of money from radical feminists whose values are diametrically opposed to those of most district voters. This cynical two-step by Vic Wulsin is BizzyBlog Dealbreaker 2.


Having spent a great deal of time in previous 2nd District (OH) races disputing the contents of a congressional candidate’s endorsements page (where he called himself “congressman” during two consecutive campaigns, even though he was a challenger and had not been in Congress for 12 years) and, in a subsequent race, his listed endorsements (specifically, a lot of them didn’t belong there, were listed before the person formally endorsed the candidate, or were only pulled long after the other candidate’s opponent gained the endorsement), it’s odd to find a candidate who is deliberately keeping her list incomplete.

But that is indeed the case with Second District congressional candidate Vic Wulsin. Her endorsements page includes a list of “typicals” for a leftist candidate: a couple of 527 Media newspapers, state and local Democrat politicians, organized labor, “Iraq War Veterans for Progress,” and a local activist group.

But here are three major endorsements that are “strangely” missing from Wulsin’s list (I have also included names of other Ohio Democratic congresspersons those organizations endorsed, and the names of those they didn’t [Democrats Marcy Kaptur and Tim Ryan are prolife and were not on any list]):

  • NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) Pro-Choice America — Wulsin’s in company with Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Bob Shamansky, Betty Sutton, and Mary Jo Kilroy. It would appear that Dennis Kucinich isn’t radical enough for NARAL, even though he became pro-abort during his 2004 presidential campaign.
  • NOW (National Organization for Women) Equality PAC — NOW’s list also includes Kilroy, Jones, and Kucinich, with Shamansky and Sutton failing to make the cut.
  • Emily’s List — Wulsin finds herself as one of three Ohio congressional candidates on this women-only list, along with Kilroy and Sutton. Jones is apparently not far-left enough for the Emily’s Listers.

Well, why aren’t these endorsements listed? Wulsin’s not too proud to take their money and their national clout. While some of the political junkies among us know that Wulsin actively sought the endorsement of the above three groups, she appears at the same time to be too ashamed of them to let rank and file voters in her district know that she has their support.

Go to the three orgs’ “About” pages, and you’ll see why concealment from Second District voters is a calculated strategy:

  • “For more than 30 years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been the nation’s leading advocate for privacy and a woman’s right to choose. With more than one million members and supporters, NARAL Pro-Choice America is fighting to protect the pro-choice values of freedom and personal responsibility. With the far right in control of the White House, Congress, and many state legislatures, our work has never been more important.”
  • NOW is one of the few multi-issue progressive organizations in the United States. NOW stands against all oppression, recognizing that racism, sexism and homophobia are interrelated, that other forms of oppression such as classism and ableism work together with these three to keep power and privilege concentrated in the hands of a few.”
  • EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest grassroots political network, is dedicated to taking back our country from the radical right wing by electing pro-choice Democratic women to federal, state, and local office.”

(Aside: Regarding the paranoid prattle about how the government is controlled by “the radical right wing” — Puh-leeze. Many of us think would be nice if even the moderate right wing were in charge, instead of the barely to the right-of-center people running things now.)

It’s clear that a plurality of the members of the labor organizations endorsing Vic Wulsin, let alone voters in the rest of the district, don’t buy into these organizations’ goals.

Vic Wulsin is hoping that projecting a moderate image fools Second District voters.

Vic Wulsin is hoping that as few people as possible pay close attention to the endorsement pages at the web sites of major national far-left organizations and to campaign finance disclosure forms identifying contributions from their members.

Finally, Vic Wulsin is hoping that anyone who might stumble into the endorsements of and donations from these radical feminist and far-left organizations doesn’t tell too many people about them.

That’s not going to happen here. Spread, the, word.


UPDATE: Upon further review, Vic Wulsin’s failure to disclose endorsements she actively sought is BizzyBlog Wulsin Dealbreaker 2, (recall that a Dealbreaker is “something that completely justifies a person not voting for you, regardless of your party or your stands on the issues”).

A liberal would want to know about major endorsements a candidate sought out and received such as these so that he or she could get out the pom-poms and get to work. A conservative would want to know so he or she could work hard to oppose that candidate. Someone in the middle would want to know to be able to take those endorsements into account when making their ultimate decision on who to vote for.

Well — It looks like I’ve covered everyone who would expect to be told something Vic Wulsin has consciously decided NOT to reveal. All of them, meaning all of us, should feel seriously betrayed by her failure to do so.


Discussion of “the issues” — OVER, AGAIN.

2nd District voters have another reason why they are left with choosing either the remaining candidate on the ballot, one of the two write-in candidates, or abstaining.


UPDATE 2: Imagine a conservative candidate seeking and getting endorsements of and financial support from the major 2nd Amendment-defending organizations and not disclosing them. The blowback would be furious — as it should be, and hopefully will be, with Vic Wulsin.


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