October 30, 2006

Christine Brennan’s Attempt to Rattle Cardinal Pitcher Jeff Suppan

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On Friday, the USA Today sportswriter took time off from her endless flogging of Title IX as the reason for every success that occurs in women’s sports to try to rattle Jeff Suppan, the Game 4 pitcher for the now-World Champion St. Louis Cardinals (the game took place Thursday evening; Brennan’s column probably had to be turned in before game time):

While raindrops fell Wednesday night on Busch Stadium, preventing Suppan from starting Game 4, his face and voice were all over the local and national news. He has injected himself into the most contentious national campaign issue of the week, Missouri’s Amendment 2, which would provide constitutional protections for embryonic stem cell research in Missouri.

This is the issue that gained fame — the right word might be infamy — when actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, appeared on a television ad during World Series Game 1 praising Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill’s support for stem cell research.

….. Suppan appears in an anti-Amendment 2 ad that was scheduled to air Thursday night in Missouri during Game 4. The commercial, which went into production a couple of weeks ago, was timed to air during his start, said Jaci Winship of the group Missourians Against Human Cloning.

Suppan isn’t the only celebrity in the commercial; he’s joined by former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner, Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals, actress Patricia Heaton and actor Jim Caviezel.

In the ad, Suppan says, “Amendment 2 claims it bans human cloning, but in the 2,000 words you don’t read, it makes cloning a constitutional right. Don’t be deceived.”

….. Suppan has every right to speak out on any issue he’d like. It’s often refreshing to find athletes who are not the stereotypical dumb jock, athletes who actually have opinions about the world around them and occasionally let them be known.

But (Rush) Limbaugh did Suppan no favors this week. When the commentator made a mockery of himself — and the view they share on a significant issue — Suppan was dragged into something bigger than even World Series Game 4, ensuring a much wilder ride now for Suppan and his political pitch.

It sure seems to me that Brennan was hoping that Suppan would have a hard time in Game 4. The lesson would have been: Don’t rock the boat, buddy, especially during crunch time, or it will affect your career. I somehow think that if Suppan were on Michael J. Fox’s side of the debate, Suppan would have instead received high praise from Brennan for his “courageous stand.”

Too bad for Christine: Suppan came through with an acceptable but not special start (6 innings, 3 runs), and his team won Game 4.

It would be nice if Christine Brennan would get off her high horse and concentrate on telling us what is happening on the field for a change, instead of writing targeted politically-correct columns in an attempt to affect it.



  1. Jeff Suppan truly is a MVP on and off the
    field. This summer he met Pope Benedict
    in Rome and said – Before you were PAPA
    you were a Cardinal. He gave the pope
    a Cardinal Jersy on the back Benedict
    number 16. He stands tall on the mound and for what he believes in.

    Comment by Vince Larkin — November 7, 2006 @ 8:25 am

  2. #1, thanks. I’m glad you caught this post, and that Suppan did well in the Series (and as an NL fan, that the Cards won).

    Comment by TBlumer — November 7, 2006 @ 9:27 am

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