October 31, 2006

A REAL Critique of the Results of Bankruptcy Reform’s First Year

Moderate Mainstream effectively works up a complete critique in the process of fisking a column by Martin E. Segal, the alleged “Doctor Law” at the Miami Herald.

Segal’s column is so riddled with errors and inaccuracies that ModMain essentially rewrites it, which is why it is probably the best review of the first year of “B-R” (or “BARF,” as she likes to call it) that exists.

That’s why I’m not excerpting it, and why I’m suggesting you read the whole thing.

Which brings me to an important point that needs to be re-emphasized every once in a while.

ModMain is NOT an unbiased observer and, unlike the poseurs in the 527 Media, doesn’t pretend to be. That doesn’t mean that she can’t put together a comprehensively effective critique, because she has, while STILL taking a look at the facts and circumstances in as fair a manner as possible. You know where she is coming from, and you can evaluate her work accordingly. The 527 Media insults our intelligence on a daily basis by acting as if they’re coming from nowhere, i.e., that they are totally detached and objective, when we all should know by now that it’s not the case.

I prefer learning from people like ModMain who don’t feign detached “objectivity,” yet apply their knowledge as subject matter experts (ModMain works in the field; Segal most certainly does not, or he would have starved to death by now) with their known predispositions to the issue at hand. What I pick up is almost invariably wider and deeper than what I get from the people who try to fool us into thinking that, because of a mindset they claim to have that doesn’t really exist, their facts, and especially their interpretations, are the only ones that are possible.


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