October 31, 2006

John Kerry Appears to Be on the Verge of Accomplishing the Impossible

FOLLOW-UP: John Kerry’s Amazing Productivity


Snatching defeat from what appears (if you believe the polls, which is another story) the jaws of victory for his party — TWICE.

The comment, again:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

OMG, I’m hearing that Kerry is claiming that he was talking about President Bush (this apparently after an attempt to blame Rush Limbaugh, Tony Snow, and right-wingers). Horsecrap. No, freaking, way.


Blowback and 527 Media cover-up update: Michelle Malkin, who notes that the 527 Media is desperately trying to ignore this. It’s worse than that, Michelle, as Kerry’s quote is “disappearing” from later stories (see update at previous post). Michelle also notes that John McCain is demanding an apology.


Go to Memeorandum, which is using Captain Ed’s post as the anchor, to see at least a couple of dozen other blogs that are all over this.

UPDATE: Yesssssss! Fox News Radio played the audio of Kerry’s riff at the top of the hour.

UPDATE 2: Rush is saying that Kerry is now trying to claim it was a “mangled joke” (link it to Hot Air). Keep digging, John.

UPDATE 3: The latest story from Jennifer Loven of AP (yeah, HER) has the Kerry quote — in the 11th para. And of course the whole preceding story is about charges and countercharges. Zheesh. Nice try, Jen, but it won’t work.

UPDATE 4: He’s melting. Also just heard 3PM audio on Fox News Radio — he calls the flap a “Textbook case of Republican campaign disortion.” Some Democrat has to get that shovel out of Kerry’s hands before the GOP picks up 15 seats instead of losing some.

UPDATE 5: Hewitt — “John Kerry is trying to be against his slur on the American military after being for it.” UPDATE 5A: Hewitt hones in on why this has octopus-like legs (bold is mine) — “Too late. Kerry dropped the mask long enough for the American public to see clearly the same contempt we heard from him years ago, ….. And it is not just Kerry, but the left in America that holds as an article of faith that the military is full of losers who didn’t do their homework. The anti-military bias is also nested deep in the MSM.” UPDATE 5B: Dean at Hewitt has the snark of the day — “While Kerry may have been painfully recalling his own experience at Yale where he got 4 D’s during his freshman year and ultimately wound up in Vietnam, there’s nonetheless no excuse for these comments.”



  1. I agree. He may have just handed the election to the GOP on a silver platter.

    Comment by dave — October 31, 2006 @ 3:01 pm

  2. Tradesports GOP contracts for Both house and senate took a 5 point jump this afternoon.

    Comment by dave — October 31, 2006 @ 3:30 pm

  3. #2, someone better see if Kerry’s doing any insider trading at Tradesports. :–>

    Comment by TBlumer — October 31, 2006 @ 3:43 pm

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  5. I think Kerry’s a moron and his actions today certainly don’t help the Democrats, but let’s not get carried away here. He’s burying himself but I doubt he’s bringing the rest of the party down with him.

    Comment by Phil Prenger — October 31, 2006 @ 5:27 pm

  6. Somebody say it, for crying out loud. John Kerry is a card-carrying member of the lost and loveless elitist left. They are so confused and full of rage that they just can’t hide it with any consistency. His wildly mis-timed gaffe couldn’t have occurred at a better moment in history for the GOP. I hope our somnambulant electorate was paying attention.

    Comment by Excelsior — October 31, 2006 @ 6:33 pm

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  8. #5, I think you misunderestimate this because of a number things that have made the original comment, which could have been finessed with *I was wrong, I am sorry* incredibly worse:
    – Kerry has dug in his heels and refused to apologize.
    – Then he says he *botched a joke*, which no one believes.
    – (this is critical) No one that I know of on the Dem side has distanced themself from what Kerry said, including many who have received money from his PAC. They are in total deer-in-headlights mode.
    – Lib hosts like Chris Mathews and Dem spokesmouths are still out there defending the indefensible, making digging out of the hole that much more difficult.

    It is not the comment, it is the backing and filling….

    Comment by TBlumer — October 31, 2006 @ 10:12 pm

  9. (commented edited by blogmaster because references weren not linked)

    Go to Urban Grounds for a long list of links — I would say *complete*, but considering the firestorm, I know that as long as it is, it barely scratches the surface.

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