October 31, 2006

Since This Is a Supposed to Be a Biz-Econ Blog, Let’s Talk about Productivity (with Evening Reax Updates to Kerry)

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One guy, John Kerry, may be doing in 2006 what it took thousands of people to accomplish in 2002 at the Wellstone Memorial Rally.


UPDATE: I get the sense that a big honkin’ bus is being brought around for Kerry to be thrown under — “A Democratic congressman told ABC News, Tuesday, ‘I guess Kerry wasn’t content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too.’”

UPDATE 2: I was sent a press release from 1st District Congressional incumbent Steve Chabot’s campaign. They have demanded an apology from Chabot’s Democrat challenger John Cranley for Kerry’s remarks. Kerry’s PAC, Keeping America’s Promise, has given Cranley $1,000, so an apology, repudiation, and return of the money would appear to the be the minimum acceptable response by Team Cranley to retain any credibility.

UPDATE 3: Bush reax.

UPDATE 4: Mary Katharine Ham reacts on Cavuto’s show. The Dem strategist who had to defend Kerry was transparently pitiful, but to be fair, she and others like her have nothing to work with, thanks to their 2004 standard-bearer.

UPDATE 5: Alan Colmes makes a complete fool of himself attempting to defend Kerry while interviewing McCain, who frankly seemed a bit stunned (and sad) that he had to explain very simple things to Colmes. McCain also got in a dig about what Kerry did when he returned from Vietnam (the “Winter Soldier” fraud).

UPDATE 6: Kos, given 18 hours to think about it, responds — “Kerry has nothing to apologize for.” The hole grows ever deeper.

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