November 2, 2006

Jean Schmidt, and Vets, and the Homeland (Oh My)

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How obviously false does a campaign ad have to be for the Cincinnati Enquirer to notice it, and critique it, in favor of a conservative?

THIS false (HT Whiskey Tango Foxtrot):

(The ad claims) that the congresswoman is indifferent to veterans and national security.

The ….. allegations in the ad – that she voted against veterans’ health benefits and to “slash” homeland security funding – are partisan spin at best. At worst, they’re misleading.

The only justification for the statement that Schmidt voted against veterans’ health benefits was her support of the $2.8 trillion federal budget. The 2007 spending plan called for an increase in veterans’ health care spending in 2007, followed by reductions after that – though such decisions are always revisited in future budgets and appropriations bills.

(I would bet lunch that “reductions” really means “reductions in planned spending increases,” not true dollar reductions — Ed.)

On security, Wulsin cites seven roll-call votes on amendments, totaling $257.8 million, to the Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2006.

….. But those amendments didn’t increase homeland security funding at all; in fact, they would have diverted established homeland security spending to other areas – nuclear-detection devices in ports, local disaster coordination, investigations of the handling of Hurricane Katrina and even global- warming studies and “breakfast with firefighters” programs.

One can debate her homeland security priorities, but it’s not fair to say she voted to “slash” funding.

The final bill, which passed the House 389-9, increased homeland security spending by 5 percent – $1.8 billion – in 2007.

Though having the detail is worthwhile, Enquirer reporter Greg Korte could have saved everyone a lot of time by saying, “This is so fundamentally dishonest it isn’t even in the neighborhood of the truth.”

Wulsin’s ad is no surprise, coming from a candidate who:

One suspects that this is not the last time Mr. Korte and the Enquirer will, if willing, be able to shred Wulsin campaign claims.


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