November 2, 2006

Ted Strickland Channels, and Perhaps Hearts, Michael Moore

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Last night, I posted on two short audio clips I had from a radio interview Ted Strickland did where he bemoaned the “disproportionate burden” families from small-town and rural areas are supposedly bearing of the US military effort. He especially emphasized a talking point that “one or two” of Washington’s 535 House and Senate members have children in Iraq.

Today I have the audio in MP3 format. You can listen to it by clicking here.

NixGuy has shown that the claim of disproportionality and legislative privilege is not only false, even if the correct number is as low as two, but that it echoes a certain rotund moviemaker’s debunked claim (scroll down to Congressional Children in War Deceits 53-56 (SEVEN congresspersons had children in active military duty in 2003, and at least two of them were in Iraq at the time of the debunking).

If Michael Moore and his ilk are where Ted Strickland has been getting his “information” on the War on Terror, whose reports is he relying on to tell him about the economy, education, and government?


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