November 6, 2006

Remind Me Again…. What’s Wrong with Requiring ID to Vote?

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At a minimum, it makes “ghost voting” much more difficult, especially in person (ID has to be listed on an absentee or ‘early’ vote, but it would seem easy to fake — but see UPDATE below).

And in May, “ghost voting” actually happened in Cuyahoga County (also see the vid at the site):

Investigation Finds Votes Cast By People Listed As Dead
UPDATED: 10:26 am EST November 3, 2006

CLEVELAND — 5 On Your Side Investigator Duane Pohlman finds that there are several votes being cast by citizens who are dead.

Among thousands of graves at Holy Cross Cemetery, Pohlman found the final resting place of Edward Wisniewski.

John Wisniewski lived next door to his brother for decades.

John Wisniewski said Edward Wisniewski has been buried at the cemetery since 2002. According to an election sign-in sheet, he cast a vote in the May primary.

NewsChannel5, in partnership with the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting, conducted one of the most extensive reviews ever of Cuyahoga County voting records, Pohlman reported. The process involved comparing more than 200,000 voters against death records reported by the Social Security Administration.

….. Pohlman reported the examination of the records revealed Wisniewski is not the only dead voter. In fact, 5 On Your Side uncovered 27 people who are dead, but votes were cast in their name anyway.

This is referred to as ghost voting — people who vote for someone else.

Pohlman uncovered another example of ghost voting with Helen Kran. According to the Social Security Administration, she died in March 2005.

More than a year later, Kran voted in the May 2 primary.

“Yeah, it appears the individual that filled out their registration card and what they filled out on election day are not the same person,” said Michael Vu, director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Pohlman reported other signatures, like Charles R. Morris, look identical to a signature on May 2 election documents.

Morris died 11 months before the primary.

Pohlman reported the most concerning case is Wisniewski.

It is considered a felony …..

Pohlman said ghost voting is large enough of a problem to sway the results of a close race and certainly undercuts the principal that every vote counts.

“That’s an assault on the integrity on the electoral process,” (Congressman Dennis) Kucinich said.

There wasn’t even that much to get excited about in May, and the TV station found 27 bogus votes. Imagine what “the ghosts” have planned for this election.

Need I remind anyone which party has controlled Cuyahoga County for decades?

And do you really want to argue that the Voter ID law was not a good idea?


UPDATE: Last week, whiners got Ohio’ ID requirement for early votes suspended. Wouldn’t want to have those fraudulent early votes detected now, would we?


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