November 7, 2006

The Election Day Collection of Collections

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Elections and Issues:

  • Negative Brownie Points: Sherrod ‘Charade’ Brown Dealbreakers (there are two — here and here) and Faithshakers; number of Mike DeWine Dealbreakers — ZERO

Other key posts:

- Nov. 5 — Dispatch Polls Are STILL Within Their Track Record Margin of Error (i.e., they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, or the bandwidth they burn)
- Nov. 4 — The ‘No WMD’ Lie: NY Times Adds More Icing to Already-Baked Cake
- Nov. 3 — A Mom’s Thoughts (on the GOP and Voting)
- Nov. 2 — Wulsin’s ‘Nuke Waste Dump’ Claim Is Made Up
- Nov. 2 — Apportioning Votes: Not Just Once a Decade Any More
- Nov. 1 — If You Think Ken Blackwell Fixed the 2004 Election, Here’s Your Ohio Guv Candidate
- Nov. 1 — Dr. Sanity Nails the Upcoming 527 Media-Far Left ‘Stolen Election’ Meme
- Oct. 31 — John Cranley’s Deal with the ….. Well, You Decide
- Oct. 31 — Vic Wulsin’s and Sherrod Brown’s ‘Timetable’ Friends Really Want Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq
- Oct. 31 — We’re Number 354: Cincinnati Got to This Point During Six Years of John Cranley
- Oct. 26 — What Is It with Crudding Up State Constitutions?
- Oct. 25 — Why Would an Auditor Want to Audit?
- Oct. 13 — Why Ted Strickland’s 1999 ‘Present’ Vote on H CON RES 107 Matters, and What It Means — INDEX, Disclosure, and Overview
- Oct. 5 — Larry Sabato: A Political Hack Who Complains of ‘Gutter Politics’ While Practicing It
- Sept. 29 — The Polls Done by That Columbus Newspaper Need to Be Dispatched to the Trash


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