November 11, 2006

Weekend Question 2: How did the Columbus Dispatch Polls Fare Against Actual Results?

ANSWER: For the third time in a row, very poorly.


Three times in a row — as was the case last in November 2005 and May 2006, the Dispatch’s vaunted mail-in poll differed from actual results by double digits in almost all cases, and all errors were in the conservative/GOP direction:

Governor –
Predicted Strickland Margin: 36
Actual: 23.5
Error: 12.5 points
Direction: Conservative

US Senate –
Predicted Brown Margin: 24
Actual: 12
Error: 12 points
Direction: Conservative

Attorney General –
Predicted Dann Margin: 24
Actual: 5
Error: 19 points
Direction: Conservative

Secretary of State –
Predicted Brunner Margin: 21
Actual: 14
Error: 7 points
Direction: Conservative

Auditor –
Predicted Sykes Margin: 10
Actual Taylor Victory Margin: 2
Error: 12 points
Direction: Conservative

Treasurer –
Predicted Cordray Margin: 28
Actual: 15
Error: 13 points
Direction: Conservative

If the Dispatch can’t do any better than this, it should either ditch the mail-in poll, or do a top-to-bottom redesign. If it continues to do its polling as usual, reasonable people will have to conclude that they’re doing it to influence election results, and not to honestly attempt to portray reality.


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  1. Yup,

    Fair to say the Dispatch poll sucks at this point.


    Comment by Jerid — November 12, 2006 @ 2:13 am

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