November 27, 2006

So It Has Been Over Two Weeks. Have You Heard or Read About This?

Gateway Pundit posted this on November 10:


It’s been 17 days. Did you know any of this? If not, why not?

Patterico’s questions about the Ramadi incident in relation to the LA Times are every bit as valid when it comes to Iraq in general and all of the WORMs (Worn-Out Reactionary Media, formerly known to most as the Mainstream Media):

Is the Media Repeating Enemy Propaganda? Or Is There Another Reason The Paper Is Getting Basic Facts Wrong and Failing to Report the Military’s Side?

For more on Ramadi and some bigger-picture commentary, go to Pundit Review, where Gregg and Kevin interviewed Patterico Sunday night. Yours truly put in a brief appearance to thank Patterico for his follow-up efforts.


UPDATE: Don’t forget what Flopping Aces uncovered this weekend either. Patterico, Flopping Aces, Gateway Pundit, and many others are proving that the war to condition people in the US to believe what the enemy wants us to believe is happening in Iraq is in the process of being won by them (with our own media as either lazy or willing accomplices), and lost by us. This must be undone.

UPDATE 2: Surely “staff” jests — I’m supposed to be impressed that the WaPo reported the news about one province on Page Freaking A16, and that the (obviously, I hope) non-domestic BBC also covered similar news? THAT demonstrates “coverage”? Zheesh.


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  1. [...] (Photo Credit: Bizzy Blog) Good point from Bizzy Blog. Have you heard this news? I certainly hadn’t. Thanks to Gateway Pundit. Like the fact that Iraqis have complete provincial control in 2 out of the 18 provinces? Or, that Iraqis are leading security efforts in a majority of the provinces now? Or, that the Iraqi military is losing more than twice as many soldiers/police as the Multi-national forces?… That Iraqis want their freedom? [...]

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