November 30, 2006

Friends of the Earth to Starving Africans: Drop Dead

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At Reason’s Hit & Run Blog (HT Instapundit), one Arthur Williams is quoted as saying this about Sierra Leone:

We are a nation just recovering from years of civil war and now to attack us in this manner is now making our people once more vulnerable.”

(Aside: “We?” Is Williams a native Sierra Leonean? — Ed.)

Williams is not complaining about armed attacks, or terrorism, or even missionaries excessively proselytizing. No, his outraged reaction is part of this:

In this case, local FOE (Friends of the Earth) activists are demanding that Ghana and Sierra Leone recall rice imports from the US because they are “contaminated” with a harmless herbicide resistance gene.

The genetically modified rice was approvied by USDA in a decision that was apparently so non-controversial that the WaPo article covering it didn’t even carry an objection from anyone.

Starvation is apparently a preferable outcome.

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