December 4, 2006

Catching Up on Patterico’s “No Ramadi Air Strike” Story

Patterico’s original post, based on Brian’s One Oar in the Water entry that relayed info from a soldier disputing the Los Angeles Times’ account of an incident in Ramadi, was the subject of the last half of Michelle’s Vent at Hot Air last Thursday.

Brian’s reax to the idea of his original post and the subsequent attention is totally understandable. It is a very difficult decision to relay info from a soldier, because the potential for repercussions to that soldier based on OPSEC (operational security) exist. It is obvious that Brian thought that issue through BEFORE his original post, and concluded that the situation warranted going ahead. Here’s why:

But what are we to do when the American Press is actively working to subvert our effort in Iraq? Not only working to subvert our effort, but actively working to subvert our way of life. Well there are no easy answers, but for those of us outside the military, we have to keep the pressure on the seditious. For the military folks, do not put your careers in harms way, but try to expose this threat though military channels and your families. Know that there is strong base behind you and we will support you always. But most importantly, stay in the fight, because we know this fight is real, and if not dealt with now, it will come to our shores more deadly than it did on 9/11.

Meanwhile, Patterico’s latest on the topic tells us he’s still digging:

I am still looking into certain matters noted in updates to that post, including one tidbit that bolsters the charge that the paper repeated insurgent propaganda, and another that has caused some commenters to question whether military press officers split hairs in answering my questions. I’m also working on developing and building relationships with reliable contacts on the ground there. I’m told that the L.A. Times is still actively looking into the events of Nov. 13.

If/when there’s more news, I will be sure to pass it on.


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