December 5, 2006

Google Listing: Open Follow-up Letter

Patience wears thin. This open follow-up e-mail was just sent to Dan Pastor at Google. Mr. Pastor, you may recall, acknowledged receipt of my e-mail concerning’s near non-presence in Google News last Tuesday (links within the test were added by me for this post to show that conditions giving rise to the original concerns have indeed not changed):

Subject: Inclusion of the US Military’s Central Command as a Google News site

Hey Dan,

It has been a week since you told me someone “should be in touch ….. shortly,” and five days since I spoke with you in an attempt to follow up. I have just verified that conditions have not changed, i.e., only Centcom’s “Horn of Africa” news (type only “” at link to confirm — Ed.) is making it to Google News, and that Centcom press releases are still being treated as if they are from blogs.

Anything you can do to ensure that I get a response, or to put me in touch directly with the person or group I need to correspond with, would be appreciated.

There are more than a few people keenly interesting in Google’s response to this matter, and I would rather not report that I was promised a response and inexplicably did not get one.

Tom Blumer


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  1. Tom;

    Stay in the fight, we need you!

    Comment by Brian — December 5, 2006 @ 10:03 pm

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