December 8, 2006

Time’s Person of the Year: THIS Is What We Have to Work With? (UPDATE: How About Jamil Hussein?)

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Zheesh — How about “None of the below”:


Slim pickings indeed. Perhaps we need to start looking for inanimate objects (e.g., 1982 – The Computer; 1988 – Endangered Earth), symbolic people (1950 – American Fighting Man; 1956 – Hungarian Freedom Fighter; 2003 – The American Soldier), or groups of people (1960 – US Scientists; 1966 – 25 and Under; 1969 – The Middle Americans; 1975 – American Women; 1993 – The Peacemakers; 2002 – The Whistleblowers). The list of all previous winners is here.

Perhaps YouTube, online forums, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and online media should be the Thing of the Year: The Shadow Media. Of course, Time would be writing about its own likely eventual demise, but it would fit.

Or readers may have better ideas.

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UPDATE, 11:30 PM: Hey, why not Jamil Hussein?

UPDATE, Dec. 9: A NewsBusters commenter’s suggestion: “I nominate the MSM for the Entity of the Year. Never in my lifetime has the media so nakedly acted as if they are the 4th and preeminent branch of government and at the same time an adjunct of the Democrat party. They’ve taken it upon themselves to make foreign policy decisions by leaking classified information. They’ve shown little interest in making sure their middle eastern “stringers” aren’t actually stringing us all along with enemy propaganda.”


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