December 15, 2006

Items Not Picked Up Elsewhere in (whoa) Biz Weak

Maybe my favorite moniker for this usually very weak publication doesn’t apply in this instance.

Here are a few nuggets in the last two issues of Business Week that I haven’t caught anywhere else (links may require subscription):

  • (Dec. 11) Iran’s oil production is sufferiing for the same reason it always does in a despotic nation — diversion of funds that should be used for investment to other things, shortage of native expertise, excessive conusmption due to below-market domestic pricing. This as much as anything else may explain why Ahmadinejad is “suddenly” having some difficulty on the home front.
  • (Dec. 11) The New York Times has apparently been in discussions about going private for several months.
  • (Dec. 18) Web pharmacy fraud — “Only 11% ….. require a prescription. ….. (therefore) 89% appear to operate illegally. 15 billion e-mail messages a day are spam for drugs, yielding tens of thousands of purchases a day.” Following up on this post and the comments from Tuesday, if it’s, say, 30,000 purchases a day, that’s only a 0.0002% conversion rate. Doesn’t matter; sending the messages costs the spammer almost nothing, and despite everyone’s best efforts, that rate will never get to zero.
  • (Dec. 18) Maybe there is some justice — BizzyBlog Internet Wall of Shame member Yahoo! only has a 5% share of China’s Internet search requests (leader Baidu has 62%; Wall of Shame member Google has 25%). For this reason and others, the also-ran status is richly-deserved.

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