December 15, 2006

Your Government-Owned Enterprise Dollars at Waste (121506)

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I guess it’s all just, uh, water under the bridge (link may require free registration):

For years, New York City has failed to collect on millions of dollars in overdue water bills because its records are so riddled with factual errors and outdated information that pursuing deadbeats and delinquents has become virtually impossible.

An examination of the city’s water records by The New York Times revealed that, at least on paper, tens of thousands of property owners have not paid a penny for water in at least two years. Officials insist that debtors collectively owe hundreds of millions for water they used but never paid for.

But whether they are true deadbeats or customers with legitimate disputes, all debtors enjoy a virtual immunity because the city, unlike Boston or Los Angeles, will not use aggressive collection methods like service suspension because its records are so unreliable.

A private company, or in this case a privatized water company with appropriate mandated municipal oversight, would never let things get this screwed up.


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