December 29, 2006 Home Page Photo Gives Saddam the ‘Deceased Statesman’ Look

Words fail (direct image link):


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UPDATE 1: These 74 pages of images (warning: graphic) won’t fail (HT A Blog for All).

UPDATE 1A: Kuwait’s “Not to Forget Museum,” toured by Bill at INDC Journal, is also a must-see.

UPDATE 2: Michelle Malkin noticed.

UPDATE 3: Now THIS from Fox News (who else?; direct link to pic; Hot Air liked it too) is fair and balanced, with images of mass graves on the right balanced by an appropriate pic of Saddam on the left –


UPDATE 4, Dec. 30, 10 AM — CNN’s home page is different, the original “statesman pic” is still here (saved here at host for future reference).

UPDATE 5, Dec. 30: Even the little things about CNN are maddening. “Symbol” of cruelty?

UPDATE 6, Dec. 30: Here’s a very important, yet slightly incomplete, history lesson from J.R. Dunn at American Thinker (HT Lucianne). After reciting a litany of 20th Century dictators and totalitarians and how they met their end, he notes:

Most of the great butchers of the 20th century died of old age, in their own beds, some of them honored by millions. Not a single one met justice in the sense accepted in free states across the world. The handful who died otherwise are aberrations, victims of strange events that act as models for nothing.

There is one single exception – the hanging of Saddam Hussein on December 30, 2006 after a careful, lengthy trial carried out under extremely difficult circumstances according to internationally recognized judicial norms. The state of Iraq has succeeded where the rest of the civilized world has failed. It is a singular achievement, and it will stand.

While Dunn overlooked Japan’s Hideki Tojo, who was tried and hanged in 1948, this bio importantly notes that Tojo did not stay in power, which is I’m quite sure why Dunn didn’t include him in his list:

Tojo, aware that Japan was unable to win the war, resigned from office after the loss of Saipan in July 1944. He shot himself in the chest just before he was arrested by the US Military in 1945. Tojo survived and after being nursed back to health was tried as a war criminal. Hideki Tojo was executed on 23rd December 1948.

Back on point: It is indeed the case that the trial and execution of Saddam represent an historically “singular achievement.” It is unfortunate that anyone must be executed, but in this case it was wholly necessary, completely just, and brought on by the perpetrator himself.

UPDATE 7: Scrappleface — “WMD Found Hanging from Rope in Iraq”

UPDATE 8: Not to be outdone, here’s the New York Times (HT Hot Air; scroll down, and look on left; direct link to pic is here; may require free registration; pic below is from my host’s hard drive):


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