January 15, 2007

BHOO ‘Can’t Ignore This’ Item: Where I Come From, This Is Known as ‘Making Stuff Up’

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From the New York Daily News’ story Sunday about BHOO (Barack Hussein “Obambi” Obama; the “Obambi” nickname comes from beat writers in Chicago and has also been used by the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) and his “quiet years in New York City”:

Obama’s first night in New York was spent curled up around his luggage in an alleyway on W. 109th St. – because his new landlord was AWOL.

He claims one of his roommates while in New York was an undocumented Pakistani immigrant named Sadiq, although he warns some of the people in the book are “composites.”

We can thank BHOO for introducing literary devices even James “Million Little Pieces” Frey might be too embarrassed to use into the realm of political biography.


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