January 23, 2007

New London, CT (Hereafter Referred to as ‘Keloville’) Has a Crime Wave

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People are very unhappy (New London Day link will require free registration after a short time, and a paid subscription after a week).

How unhappy are they in what BizzyBlog will henceforth refer to as Keloville? Jay Wheeler, president of the city’s East Willetts Avenue Neighborhood Association, is clearly quite peeved:

Wheeler said he is mobilizing as many people as he can to protest at the next City Council meeting. He and others will line the entry to City Hall and hold signs, then will pack the meeting to demand that councilors respond. The council next meets Feb. 5.

Then he is planning more “dramatic” moves, Wheeler said Sunday.

“I hate to do this and embarrass the city, but in order to light a fire under the City Council, we’re going to hire people to stand at every (major) entrance (to the city) with signs saying, ‘Turn back, it’s not safe,’ ” Wheeler said.

He’s going to put up bright orange caution signs at the entrances to his neighborhood – by the rotary on Willetts Avenue, by Howard Street – that read “Caution: Drugs and Violence Ahead.” And he has other ideas that he doesn’t yet want to reveal.


One can’t help but think that if those running Keloville had been paying more attention to basic services like public safety and focusing less on destroying perfectly good neighborhoods in the name of “development” (which appears to have gone nowhere since they got Susette Kelo, the Cristofaros, and others out of the way last summer), the city might be a safer place to live today.


UPDATE: Interested-Participant, who has been at this blogging thing more than twice as long as yours truly (I’m tired just thinking about that), recalls that New London rejected police applicant Robert Jordan in 1996 — because he was too intelligent. Read this brief and still-available New York Times story about a US District court’s bizarre ruling on the matter. I wonder whether a too-intelligent African-American applicant would really have faced the same problem Mr. Jordan did?

With all due respect to city leaders who came up with this “brilliant” screening process (i.e., NONE), criminals can sometimes be pretty smart people too, and it would be nice to think that the good guys have the best and the brightest on their side trying to apprehend them. That’s clearly not the case in New London, which in a possibly related development, has a crime wave. I wonder if the same dumbing-down of applicants is going on in other areas of city government (like maybe the New London Development Corporation)?



  1. I linked to this on one of my early blog entries which describes New London’s policy of hiring half-smart cops. Thought there might be a connection.


    Comment by Mike Pechar — January 25, 2007 @ 10:18 pm

  2. Wow. Since your entry didn’t have a link, I found one and updated:


    Comment by TBlumer — January 26, 2007 @ 5:55 am

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