January 29, 2007

Top 10 Myths of Iraq War: Guess What Numero Uno Is?

OK, it’s an “in no particular order” list, but I like which one’s first anyway.

From Strategy Page:

1-No Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Several hundred chemical weapons were found, and Saddam had all his WMD scientists and technicians ready. Just end the sanctions and add money, and the weapons would be back in production within a year. At the time of the invasion, all intelligence agencies, world-wide, believed Saddam still had a functioning WMD program. Saddam had shut them down because of the cost, but created the illusion that the program was still operating in order to fool the Iranians.

Told ya.


UPDATE, Feb. 11: Important piece from GWOT News saved to BizzyBlog hard drive for future ref — essentially, it says that if not enough WMD were found to satisfy you, it isn’t that Bush lied, or that BushCo cooked the intel, it’s that the people who were responsible for oversight of the intelligence agencies blew it — for many, many years.

UPDATE 2, Feb. 11: From Brutally Honest quoting GWOT:

Every single bi-partisan investigation into the question of whether or not the Bush Administration deliberately misled the world to war in Iraq has found that rather than a Bush cabal, failures to find vast stockpiles of WMD described by the UN weapons inspectors were the result of bad intelligence: intelligence provided largely by agencies that had been starved of funding, had their leaders replaced by political appointees, been legally hamstrung by the American Congress, and lacked adequate Congressional oversight for the 10years prior to the invasion of Iraq.

This lack of Congressional oversight that directly led to the decay of the American intelligence community (all 16 agencies) was also found to be the reason that the 911 attacks were able to succeed.

Oh, and guess who keeps calling for these investigations, who continue to claim “Bush Lied,” or “intelligence was pressured, manipulated, cherry-picked, created,” etc.?

It’s the people who were responsible for oversight of the intelligence agencies in the years they were left to rot.

Note that the above does NOT give ANY credibility to the “No WMD” lie, which remains a lie. It only refers to the existence of “stockpiles,” and why “stockpiles” weren’t found.

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