February 26, 2007

Confederate Yankee on Jamil ‘Hussein’; The AP’s Credibility is Shot

Those who want to pretend that this controversy went away, and that AP somehow prevailed with its honor and credibility intact, could not be more wrong:

The Associated Press lied about the identity of Jamil Hussein, and still persists in maintaining this fabrication.

As readers and consumers of news provided by the Associated Press, we deserve a full retraction of the deceptive January 4 Steven R. Hurst article, an investigation of how long this willful deception has been on-going, and a formal apology.

As I said at the end of this post on January 26 (para break added from original):

Jamil Hussein “exists” under another name, a fact NOT reported by AP as they used him under that undisclosed pseudonym (yet another instance of journalistic malpractice) at least 61 times, and then didn’t give his real name to military investigators attempting to locate him. Then when the misled searchers reported no record of him, the AP dishonestly crowed that they were vindicated, and revealed his true name.

What a load — Either AP had been deceived about Hussein’s real name all along and had failed to investigate Jamil’s bona fides, or they knowingly and deliberately misled and wasted the time of military investigators. If I were working at a big company and telling gullible reporters for years that my real name was Tom Cruise as I spread false stories, nobody at my employer would be able to find me either.

Bloggers right, AP wrong, AP won’t admit it’s wrong. AP’s credibility slowly but surely drips away.


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